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01-28-2009, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
He's actually talking about one character trait of these guys....not the overall greatness of the team. Put the talent that we have with a little more grit and desire to get your nose dirty and it's not 148 goals that you have....Nashville understand that they have not a lot of talent, so they have no choice to work hard.....still the talent leve is not there. But the great teams are able to bring their work ethic to the level of their talent. They score as many ugly goals as they score highlight reel goals...
Good point, but I'm still put off by the knee jerk reaction posters are having to last night's loss.

The Habs are, for the most part, a team that relies on skill to win. Personally, I don't care whether we score more pretty goals or garbage goals, as long as we score more goals than the opposition. There's no one formula for winning - posters who think every team has to emulate the 90's Devils to win the Cup are listening to too much sports talk radio, IMO. There are as many different kinds of winners as there are different kinds of teams.

I understand that after a bad loss, or during a losing streak, fans will want a team to play a different style. Completely understandable, but short sighted. The worst thing Gainey could do, is decide to pull a 180 right at the end of the rebuild. That's what the Senators did after the Cup final against the Ducks, and look at them now. That's what the Wings could have done after playoff losses to grittier Oilers and Ducks teams in consecutive years, but they stayed the course, and look at them now.

IMHO, the problems that keep this from being a dominant team are all solveable without changing style:

- lack of depth on D

Gainey will surely address this (short term at least) at the deadline. Long term, we have talented defencemen on the way up.

- too much youth on the big team

Partly the result of injuries to veterans, partly because of a wave of talent all drafted at the same time (2005). SKost, Lats, D'Ago and Price should continue to mature and gain consistency.

- lack of a top end forward

The trickiest problem. Luckily, the Habs are in a good position to make a quantity for quality trade. This years UFA market is also looking decent for forwards.

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