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08-09-2004, 03:19 PM
Bob Froese
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway
Did I watch him with the Flyers, Canucks, and Canes? Not religiously but I did see him. What I also see is a guy who's numbers were bad. Numbers that were bad on good teams. And I see a guy who was traded three times in two seasons. And there are reasons for that.

What I saw with those teams is what I saw with the Rangers last year. Someone who did not compete, didn't skate hard, who's hands were gone, and someone who made dump choices. That has nothing to do with gelling with linemates. If there are only two players that Janny can play with and produce, he's going to have a short career. And that seems like what's going to happen.

"And I see a guy who was traded three times in two seasons."

ok so 3 times in two seasons, that shows he wasnt given a chance . common u expect a player to go to a team and score just like that. hlavac is still young and should have been kept its teams like those that get guys and trade them right off. how will anyone ever prove themselves if only given half a shot. and u seem not to mention he was an excellent player with nyr and they traded him he put up excellent #'s for 2 years. but nyr traded him in adeal for lindros. u do know it hurts a kids confidence to be traded so many times like that. maybe he needs a legit shot , a legite one not being traded 3 times in 2 seasons. nyr should sign him and give a real shot.... he hit so many posts last year and had so many chances he got robbed on. i even remember j.d and sam saying "this poor kid cant get a break, hes having a ruff season". i say give hiom a real shot with real ice time and steady linemates even such as jagr and lets see what he can do, hes only 27. nyr is rebuilding so what do they have to lose. nothing so i odnt know why everyone is so against him for

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