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01-28-2009, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
Well, what if his plan was the put the 1st line out there after 30 seconds of the fourth line? What if they then go out and score? What if it's because the fourth line got the puck deep and worked it around?

Again, I don't think Renney really puts them out there with the idea that they need to go play defense and not let in a goal.
I said you might be right in this matter. and we don't know. It basically comes down to what style you like. I prefer a more aggressive style, while Renney is more conservative. Renneys the coach, and hes done a pretty decent job so far, but there is still room for improvement.

But this isn't about just this years teams, i remember people talking about this for a while about Renney. He's always done this.

Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
But a lot of this also comes down to how you feel about the fourth line. I'm fairly ambivalent about them in general...Betts and Sjostrom are good, solid players. Orr I can do without but I understand why Renney plays him so that the lineup has someone who can do some fighting. Most of the time the line does their job, so it's no big deal.
agreed on this.

Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
So, eh, yeah it's probably not as aggressive a strategy as it could be, but I don't think Renney is the only one in the league who does this (heck, sometimes other teams put out their fourth line after they get scored on, in an attempt to wake up their team or something).

And to the person who said the fourth line shouldn't get a regular shift, I don't think many teams in the NHL only play 3 lines these days Seems like everyone plays 4 lines for the most part. Playing 3 lines is a good way to wear out your best players too.
agreed on all of this as well.

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