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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
None of this makes sense. From every indication i've gotten from this team they say Renney is the boss. Did you mean Springsteen? Walked over...?

And some of those coaches on your list have a calm demeanor just like Renney.
Herb Brooks could have been said to have a "calm demeanor" off the ice too.

Do you think a guy like Lemaire or Bowman or Keenan would let a guy like Jagr practically run his team and cater to his ego?

Yes, walked over in that sense. There are other ways too.

Not to mention the dozens of penalties Renney could have saved the Rangers by opening his mouth and eyes, the RIGHT way. (he's admitted it himself)

Listen, everyone in here could debate this until our faces turn blue, but i've been around sports all my life (not saying no one else hasn't) and through my experience in playing for dozens of coaches and watching the effect hundreds others have on their teams, im drawing the conclusion that Renney lacks something in this department.

He lacks what I THINK is a innate ability to lead and motivate. Really lead a team by instilling confidence in them through his own actions, just as great leaders on the ice rub off on their teammates. Maybe you don't feel that way about him, or don't think it really matters in the long run, thats fine.

Every team has a breaking point, and when it gets to that point you look to each other and the coach to raise the bar. But i think for this team, in this town and in this league Tom Renney doesnt have the tools to give them the extra "motivation" needed to get them to the next level, whenever that true test comes. And most likely there arent many suitable replacements for Renney right now and he very well could be the best man for the job. Im merely offering that he doesnt have this quality in him

He'll do a fine job for some up until when that test comes, but to me passing that test is awfully important as a coach. There's no coincidence that great coaches have one multiple championships and the crappy ones who haven't, no one even remembers.

Hopefully that makes some sense out of it for you.

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