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Originally Posted by Shadyone33 View Post
I know he's been critisized for conditioning but he said himself after the Hughes fight that he rarely trained and realized that he was wasting his God given talent. Training was an issue. He didn't train which is why he ran out of gas it's the same thing. Your point about not walking around at 170 doesn't make sense. If the weight cut to 170 was the reason why conditioning was a factor, why isn't it a factor at 155? Oh, that's right he started training and focused in on cardio. Training was always the issue with BJ and he's admitted it a bunch of times.

PS: I know about the fued. Ever since he's come back has he not got what he wanted? I mean he came back and got a shot for #1 contender spot right away when Fitch has been relegated to the undercards for merely having contract issues.
First off, you don't have to be a genius to realize cutting weight influences your conditioning. If you train or know anything about it, you should know this.

That being said, I never said it was the main reason, I said it is A reason.

Also, As a LW, he never went further than the 3rd round so it's kind of tough to see how good a condition he's in when in doesn't go too far. No matter how bad his training is, it's not Shogun bad, more so like Liddell bad.

In the Hughes fight he broke a rib, which is why you saw him do nothing after the 2nd round and was easily stopped.
I'm not saying he was training well, like you said, he admitted it multiple times. But bad training, big weight cuts, and an injury will make you look like crap.

But as was said, this is before, maybe he changed his regiment, maybe he walks around at 160-170 now, I don't know.

Penn came back and fought GSP, that fight was to determine the #1 contender. BJ Penn left when he was the Champ, it's not like Fitch was ranker higher, he was just starting and fighting on Fight Nights.
BJ lost, GSP got it but injured himself, therefore Penn got the title shot and lost. He then moved down to LW, where he had to fight Pulver and Stevenson to make his way up.
I don't see what special treatment he had.

Jon Fitch's only considerable win was to Diego Sanchez a year after Penn had already made his comeback. It's not like Fitch deserved a title shot before Penn. He was way too green, and personally I felt he still shouldn't have had it vs GSP. Another fight or 2 vs top end guys would have made him more solid, and then he'd have been ready.
I don't really know about the details of the contract issues you're talking about, but when you're an up and comer, you don't have much leverage over your contracts

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