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08-09-2004, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Stevex
All those goalies are very average guys. None of them are solid established #1 guys who are certainties to improve Phoenix. I'll take the cheaper younger guys with potential over those who have maxed out. Osgood last of all because Ive never seen him have a good game.

Osgood isn't a solid starter? He has started for every team he has EVER played for and that includes winning a Stanley Cup in Detroit. IF you have never seen Osgood have a good game then you have probably never watched him play. There were times this year that Osgood looked as good as Broduer. Furthermore: Johnson lost his starting job to Osgood. He then turned around and lost his BACKUP job to Rienhart Divis. He didn't even keep his starters spot in Worcester, Curtis Sanford beat him out of that spot after 2 games. The difference between Osgood and Johnson is HUGE. To even suggest that BJ and Osgood are on the same level is laughable. Osgood is GOD compared to Johnson.

Weekes isn't a solid starter? He has put up some of the best SP and GAA numbers in the league for 4 straight years playing behind a very shakey Carolina Defense.

I am a Blues fan so I can say this with some authority: Brent Johnson is garbage. He has all the ability in the world but his work ethic(something that is nearly impossible to change) is the WORST(by far) in the league. BJ is not even a viable BACKUP at the NHL level(as Blues fans found out this year). And according to most reports Boucher is even WORSE than BJ(and we in St. louis didn't even think that was possible). Other than his ONE 5 game stretch Boucher has been HORRID at the NHL level.

NO, Osgood and Weekes make both of Phoenix's current goalies look like beer Leauger's in comparisson. Boucher and Johnson shouldn't even be in the NHL, much less as a starter for their team.

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