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Originally Posted by saints96 View Post
ya the past 10 games. 10 games out of 3 years. wow, and he`s not playing better than A LOT OF players he is just playing a bit better than wut he usually does and lets see if he keeps it up.. the guy CAN`T skate, he`s slow as *******, has hardly any puck control. You guys say he`s tough. he`s not tough. he gives a check 2-3 seconds after the play is done, and does it to get a rise out of the crowd(when hes in mtl), he has no shot, he scores lucky goals(when he scores). Please don`t tell me this guy is a good player. Ya its only his 3rd year in the nhl, and its SK first full year and everyone is saying he should get traded, he`s not a good player and you would think after 3 years LATS would have improved a lot.. he hasn`t....please if you guys can`t see that LATS has no talent then i don`t know what you`re looking at when you watch games.
id trade LATS for a bag of hockey pucks and a brand new stick for every player lol

the reason why he keeps on putting his 3rd line on and not his 1st and 2nd is because his pet, tenderness, is on that line. Its 3 seasons now that carbo tries everything to make this kid look good....

the reasons why Lang and the bros dont play longer shifts is because carbo`s pet doesnt play on that line. Why do u think Lapy`s line plays so much. Its 3 years now that Lats always stays on the ice...

i couldnt agree more, saku imo is one of the classiest captains in the NHL and he is an incredible and talented hockey player. i also think its ridiculous that lapy`s line plays more than lang`s line. They only do beacause carbo has his pet on that line. they shud not be playing the powerplay, we have two other lines that we shud always be putting on the powerplay and not GUILLAUME and kosto!

you know wut, not that its sumting u dont already know, and not to sound too racist but as long as rds covers our games, and as long as we have quebecer analysts and commentators and quebecer player. there will always be biasism, thats just the way it is here in quebec. and i highly doubt that rds cares about its anglophone viewers and they`re feedback towards them.

cbc doesnt insult quebcer or european players and doesnt tell them to go back to siberia!

hahaha i know, rds is convinced that marc savard is quebecois, i hope they really dont have a clue that he is not quebecois because if they actually know that he isn`t and they re passing him off as one. thats extremely ridiculous and low.

lol exactly, can`t expect much more from them ( french medias )

Maybe so but at least english media covers SPORTS! RDS mainly covers quebecois athletes.. i mean. its a reasaux des sports but it seems to be more like a reasaux des quebecois.

we dont need lecavalier....

he should be there, the only reason why he isnt is because hes quebec`s pet. When everyone starts realizing how much he does suck and has hardly any talent and that many if not everyone can fill his spot and do it his job 1000 times better than he can; hes a goner. ( Latendresse )

LATS shud ask god for some talent, cuz hes got none!

missing peice(s) get rid of Lats, bring up Pacioretty. Also bring up Webber to play the point on the power play.

u send down lats, he has no business being on this team or in the nhl, dago will bring much more to this team than lats ever will.

If you think that Lats is better at protecting the puck than Skos is, then i don`t think you`re watching the same canadian`s games. Every time Lats has the puck he gets it taken off of him, he has no puck control, no hockey sense, he is always on the wrong side, doesn`t follow the play, often in the way of his linemates and dumps the puck in a lob fashion. He cant even get the dump and chase right. Put an orange cone on the ice and put Lats there, its the same thing. Skos has way better hands, better play making skills and has a nice shot
Yet , you have made 32 posts in this forum . Here are 16 quotes from those 32

We can feel all the love you have for the quebecers .

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