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Originally Posted by yarfangor View Post
Fleury, went in to consult a Sports Psychologist when he had his Yellow pads. He was curious as to why he was being scored on so many times, and to the guy's credit hes not half bad. The Psychologist said the color of the pads made it easier for the players to analyze the holes, and where to score quicker, which is why he was letting in more goals. When Fleury made the switch to White it made a huge difference in his play, notice in the playoffs his performance.
Wrong. In fact, it was an optometrist from Ottawa who wrote a letter to Marc-Andre Fleury telling him that wearing yellow pads was a bad idea, because of the contrast thing. Fleury never consulted a psychologist, not that I'm aware of anyway. Here is the link to the story :

You don't need to be an eye doctor to know that, it's plain logic. It is obvious that the increased contrast between the ice/net and the pad color makes things easier for the shooter.

By the way, I too am an optometrist and I hated Price's new pads the second I saw them for the first time. They look cool, but are playing against him....

Originally Posted by Vincecarder View Post
I think he should go with pads that have a net pattern (like the back of the net). In fact, make the blocker, glove even the stick in net pattern. That way the shooter thinks he's shooting at a wide open net. Chameleon pads...that's the answer!
Seriously, I'm amazed that no goalie has tried it yet. The net pattern idea is very good in theory. It certainly brings some confusion, especially when the shooter only has a split second to decide where he will shoot.

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