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01-29-2009, 02:43 AM
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Your best bet is having a friend take anything that you cannot fit into the storage compartment to the rink for you, especially the stick(s). Packing the light items in a backpack could be ok as well. I would not modify the scooter to carry sticks. You may say "it's just a scooter" and "sticks do not weigh that much" but these machines are desgined with specific weight balances as is. Adding things like Saddlebags or extra storage containers on the bike will alter the handling characteristics especially if not balanced properly an ad hoc stick carrier could really be disasterous.

Motorcycles are dangerous enough, especially if you're a beginning rider, it's best not to add any more little factors that can throw you off until you are fully comfortable. Get in as much practice as you can unloaded and loaded up so you know how the bike will react in both situations.

If you're a new rider, welcome to the two wheeled world. You'll either be scared crapless in no time flat, or be hooked for life. Just remember to gear up and ride smart out there.

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