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01-29-2009, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Malkin carried his team last year when Crosby went down. Of course, it coincided with the brilliance of Conklin, but he did carry it.

Price has still yet carried this team, and doesn't look very sharp at the moment.

Problem with Price is I feel all the hype around got to him, I think he feels he's already a proven star and sometimes forget he actually has to keep working at it.
Many call it nonchalance, but I think it's cockiness, as ''yea, bounces were bad tonight, bad games happen, I'll bounce back cuz im the best'' type thing..

lol..I might be pissed though because he looked like crap in his games back including the ASGs.
What??? He didn't look like crap in the ASG!! Maybe the rookies game, but he had the most breakaways and two-on-ones to face. His players played like crap. As for the ASG, he was the goalie who allowed the fewest goals and was 2nd or 3rd best for save % among all 6 goalies.

You can't compare the way the two players carried their teams to evaluate their price. They play at extremely different positions, and usually goalies aren't at Price's level at this age, this tells a lot about his potential.

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