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Originally Posted by Chomsky View Post
As I'm going throughout Arnott's 2008-9 season goals (15), I'm seeing some Nashville players doing something completely illogical and absolutely against what seems to be the Montreal Canadiens core values. 'Oh my god' I said to myself, are they actually... driving to the net? Then I remembered D'agostini who briefly did so and scored 5 goals in 6 games, but later on stopped repeating the said action.

So I'm asking you... is it some sort of taboo move in Montreal or are the players actually allowed to drive to the net from the corner or center ice?

Or did I miss something and the new Nhl is all about skating around the net and trying to pass it in front of the net where none of your teammates are and will likely never be?

Perimeter players, hmmm seems like a familiar term around this team.

Players are coached at a young age to look for open ice when skating with or without the puck.

Since the lock out and the clamp down on obstruction, teams are crowding the center of the ice in an NHL stye zone defense, making it much easier to skate outside but harder to make plays inside. Players have to program themselves to take the puck to the net even with traffic and go to the net without the puck more, even with the extra traffic.

Grinding teams do it more because it's the only way they will score, skill teams at time stay outside trying to create open ice inside by attracting a player to them thus opening an area inside.

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