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Originally Posted by le_sean View Post
Until the playoffs roll around.

he has 7 points more than Koivu, in about 30+ more games played in the playoffs. Altho he did have one playoff run where he played nicely, had 10 points in 10 games.

Originally Posted by RedScull View Post
Then just say that. What was the point of downplaying the Hart with the Theodore reference? That's all I'm really wondering.
It's your opinion, I just don't think that particular argument was worth much in backing it up. I also think Stanley Cups are a byproduct of situation, not an individual accomplishment.

That's not to take anything away from Niedermayer, however given Komisarek's mediocre season thus far another big body on the back end certainly wouldn't be a bad idea. I also have concerns about Niedermayer's motivation, but that's for another post.

I have a perfectly fine "grip." My disagreement with your assertion isn't me being angry, or whatever you're thinking. I don't understand why people interpret disagreement with something akin to a flame war. And decaf espresso tastes like crap.

The Theodore vs Giguere argument was just to show how off your example was.

I just stated my opinion first with Pronger and Nieds, stating the Smythe Vs Hart (rather meant it as better playoff performer vs lesser playoff performer), and then you misinterpreted this and gave that idiotic example. I just put that one to show that you completely went off track, because if you chose two similar players like I did, it does have some merit to it, because yeah, I'm sure most would chose Gigučre over Theodore, whereas Gigučre vs Ovechkin doesn't make any sense.

Also, you tried to make it sound as tho I would chose ANY player who won the Conn Smythe over a player who won the Hart which is not the case. I was taking these two players specifically into account.

And as for comparing the two, Pronger did play great with Edmonton and Anaheim. And Nieds did have Brodeur and Stevens for his first 3 cups, and also yes, cups are circumstantial, still, 4 cups and 1 Smythe, Nieds is one hell of a playoff performer, more proven than Pronger.

Now this all started with Canadianbrewtality saying I was picking the one who was out of his prime, when those two guys are two years apart in age and are 3 points apart this season in terms of production.....

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