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Originally Posted by MPR15 View Post

Hello, I'm new to posting here, but have been reading posts for a lil bit now looking for tips to improve my game.

I just started playing goalie on ice recently. I've played on deck for years apon years, and thought i'd give it a shot. I've faired decent so far, but i've been having one main problem.

When i go down to my knees, i'm used to being forced to drop straight down on them since the old mylec pads obviously don't have the butterfly pads. So on ice, i keep dropping as if i'm on a deck.

What can i do to possibly break out of this habit i have. I've been trying to use my pads more on the deck in just little shoot arounds to rid myself of the bad habit.

Thanks everybody in advance.
Just so I have this straight- Do you mean that you are dropping down on top of the pads so that the face of the pad is towards the ice rather than perpendicular to it?

Also- what kind of pads are you using? Are you still using the Mylecs on ice?

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