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08-09-2004, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
I won't argue that would be a success. But will he hold up? Sure, he's had a bad run of injuries in the past two seasons, but he's always going off in key situations with random leg injuries. I'm not sure his pain threshold is what it needs to be, which makes his decision to go to Philly even more perplexing. Since his outstanding rookie year, Kearse has not been in the top 10 in sacks in the NFL. In 2000, he was 11th. In 2001, he was 16. In 2002, he missed most of the season. In 2003, he was tied for 15th. If I were dishing out 66 million to a player, I would hope he'd be slightly more productive than that. Kearse is payed like the best defensive player in football. He can get sacks, and he provides great backside pressure. But he is weak on tackle, and you rarely get a full game out of him.

The bottom line is the kid had 1, I repeat, ONE great season combined with several good campaigns. I just wouldn't expect a great season out him him. And one good season from Kearse isn't going to push the Eagles over the hump. Their problems run deeper than that. Giants are going to have a healthy offensive line this year, and Manning WILL win the starting job(with sideline guidage from Kurt Warner) and thus, the Eagles have no shot, anyway


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