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01-29-2009, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by RedScull View Post
You misinterpreted what I wrote. My comparison was tongue-in-cheek, or at least was intended to be. You said "Theodore won the Hart" as part of your basis for why Pronger's Hart should be disregarded. That's what I didn't understand, and don't think helped your argument at all. It was a strawman, taking what someone said (that Pronger won the Hart) and devaluing it by finding the weakest example of a Hart trophy winner.
Again, not my intent. Theodore had nothing to do with the argument, was the point I was making.

Well I'd disagree that he's "more proven," but certainly has more fame and hardware for his efforts. He brings a different skillset, which is what brings us back to the original argument of the thread.
Pronger and Niedermayer are not substitutes for one another, and I think you'd agree that anyone who thinks you could slot in either is foolish. It depends on what you assess as the needs of this team. I personally don't feel we need another guy to pass the puck around, but could do with a "mover" in front of the net. Komisarek's had a poor season thus far, O'Byrne is inconsistent and Hamrlik's not great in front of the net IMO. Niedermayer is another Markov type (well... Markov is another Niedermayer type, but anyway). A great player to be sure (and Niedermayer at least shows up in the playoffs) but I'm not sure his addition wouldn't be more of the same. I look at us against teams like Boston and Philly.. it certainly makes me want Pronger to match up against them.

First off, one person replied to me that Pronger won the Hart, and I replied with Theodore to show it didn't add anything significant, because the Hart is a regular season trophy and has nothing to do with the playoffs. It wasn't adding anything to the purpose of the comparison. That is also why I added that I would chose nieds who won the Smythe over Pronger who won the Hart, because I will always regard winning the Smythe as a bigger accomplishment as winning the Hart.

Now, for the subject of this thread. Our defense didn't do bad against either Philly or Boston (except for ONE game). Secondly, having a bid body up front is not garanteed success. I prefer a guy who'll know when to pokecheck and clear off rebounds than a guy who can pushover others. You want examples? Why not Detroit? Besides Stuart on the top 4, they didn't have big bodies like Komi nor OB. And sorry but it is actually another Markov we are missing. Our transition game isn't the same without Streit. What we needed was someone more complete than Streit, better defensively. And Nieds would fill that role perfectly.

The obsession with big bodies is becoming ridiculous. I'm really tired of the old "against Boston or Philly" argument. One of those two teams, we beat in the playoffs and now we lose in regular season against, the other one, we lost against in the playoffs, yet we've dominated them this season. The physical aspect is overated, and the Habs physical response is underrated. Sorta grass is greener complex going on here.

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