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01-29-2009, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by evilstanley View Post
dont get me wrong i like the kid. hes gutsy and fiesty, AND skilled.
im not asking for his head. and yes i know hes 21. if i can admit that much why dont you admit hes taken up on BAD HABITS.

also... will that Kostbros fan club stop being so ******** when the slightest criticism is uttered???? jeeeesus.

id like to add, also, that it is wrong to say ALL french media are the same, and ALL french media are biased and ALL of them would take a French kid over a soft euro. The door swings both ways.

there are some terrific "french media people" out there, that aren't the bigoted, narrow-minded, chauvinist ****** you would want them to be.

Ronald King. how bad is he for a "french media person"???
Yes of course he has bad habits I'm not denying it, infact I never did, but I'm not going to flip out and starting saying things like TRADE HIM!! or HE SUCKS!! I aware of his bad habits, but I let it slide because of his age. If this continues next year then we have a problem, but for now just let it play out.

Second what Kostitsyn bros fan club?? Andrei played one bad game and people want him out, but were in love with him during the 10 goals in 11 games, give me a break...I can even quote people to show how hypocritical they sound.

And again, I never said french media, that other posters interpretting my post the way they want.

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