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Originally Posted by Andrei Kostopolous View Post
I was really hoping Gainey would turn this into a more Calgary/Old Dallas style play however this team has an Ottawa Senator vibe to it.

Watching Calgary last night versus Buffalo was just beautiful. Forechecking, hitting, grit, determination, up tempo, and hell even skill.
Didn't Montreal beat Calgary pretty handily this year?

Originally Posted by Chomsky View Post
Again, this doesn't change anything to the fact that perimeter plays will not get you anywhere in the playoffs. Without our PP last year, I'm not even sure we would be in the said playoffs.
That's a load of recycled hogwash. That reasoning is getting tiresome. The reason a team who has a great PP doesn't score more at even strength is because there isn't as much urgency to score 5 on 5. If you're up 4-2 in a game you've gone 2 for 5 on the PP late in the 3rd period there isn't really a pressing need for an even strength goal. By the same token, I'm confident that if Montreal doesn't score any PP goals in that same game that they would play the game differently and perhaps score an extra goal or two at evenstrength. Scoring on the PP changes the dynamic of how a team plays at even strength at times depending on if they have the lead or not. Montreal was down 5-0 to the Rags and won the game in a shootout 6-5 not because they had the best PP. It was determination that did it. Montreal doesn't have the best PP this year (not even close) and they're still winning and doing better than last season as a matter of fact. So, now you can see what Montreal would do without the best PP. It's happening right before your eyes. Give credit where it's due. I guess, scoring on the PP or not, this Montreal team is a very good club.

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