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01-29-2009, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Koseegin View Post
What I don't get is this....

....Latendresse for two years played just as lazy as Sergie did, played worse defensivly, worse offensivly and got a free ride from media and fans with the "he's learning, he's only 19, 20, 21" excuse.

But why does Sergei...who is 21, has barely played 90 nhl games continue to be called out by fans and media whom are asking for his head.

I don't understand this double-standard.

I'm not defending Sergie's play because it hasn't been spectacular, but he still is a kid who is learning to play the game. Why can we show the patience for one prospect, but not the other?

Please I really want to hear the explanation for this?
I shouldn't bother, because you probably won't believe it, it's so simple.

Latendresse is giving at least acceptable effort, and most of the time his complete effort, every shift. His progress has been at a snail's pace, but ever-so-slowly his game gets a little better. At first it seemed like the Koivu effect, but he's found success with Lapierre too - it looks more and more like so long as a centre is giving a consistent effort the Phat Kid will match it, and play hard.

Siberia Serj is riding his brother's coattails and pretending to be an NHL player by showing up every 3rd or 4th game. He can play better, but doesn't. He can improve his game if he were willing, but he isn't. It rarely makes a difference what line he's one or who he plays with - if it's not with Andrei, whom he can pass to, he just isn't interested. And when together, neigher are willing to play defense.

Looks more and more like we sent the wrong Belarussian to Toronto. It's just extrememly disappointing to see a guy who could be playing at a very high level phone it in every night because his spot on the team is guarenteed by his brother's presence. Unless he starts playing like he wants his job, they will probably both need to be removed from the team.

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