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01-30-2009, 08:00 AM
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No shakeup. Play the kids, let them learn and prepare yourself for a busy summer. The Centennial CANNOT BE a reason why we should just overpayed for a player or 2 who will suppose to come here and play the saviours while there's more problems than just adding 1 or 2 players.....

You can't build a team with a plan for so many years and then just destroy it 'cause you have to panic 'cause of that freakin centennial 'cause you HAVE to win.

Gainey needs to be accountable here. You go in a year like that with 12ish guys with no contract the year after.....things like that will happen. Teams might not want to give you as much for your guys 'cause they're going UFA and so on.

Gainey was counting on that fact so all the guys would give them all in order to have a big contract starting next year........well most of them don't. He was counting on the kids of last year having better years this year......well some of them don't. So then it comes a time when you have to acknowledge that not a lot can be done. Who has a need for a Plekanec right now or a Higgins?

The only way you'll see a possible shakeup on that team is if you trade guys that could be tradeable like the Kostitsyns, Price or Markov. Other than that, the shakeup will not produce anything you're hoping for.

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