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01-30-2009, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by gravytrain6t View Post
I think It's time too look around and see what else we have besides Gomez to blame. I'm not going to blame Gomez or Zherdev for our offensive woes. But I expected more and I hope to see more out of the call up's from Hartford.

In the beginning of the season it really looked like we found a good one two punch with Dubinsky and Voros. Well that fell apart. We keep giving Prucha chances but he has a lot of work to do to be considered a sniper. Ditto with Dawes. He and Prucha have combined for 11 goals. Korpikoski, our first round draft choice rookie from Finland has netted 3 goals.

And Callahan who I like and plays well in all facets of the game, still, has only tallied 12 goals.

Basically, I was hoping one or two guys from Hartford would step up and have scored at least between 15 and 20 goals at this point in the season.

I know I make a lot of comparisons and this comparison is between Gomez and Stockton who used to play point guard for Utah. He would pass and Malone would score. We have a Stockton. We need a Malone.

But I think we should mix it up again with the lines. Nothing drastic. But I like Sjostrom's speed and his ability to make things happen around the net and he can handle the puck and fore check. So I was thinking about surrounding Drury with more speed. The only thing this calls for, is a call up from Hartford. So my suggestion is to go back to the playstation line. Like this:
Lw C Rw
Voros Dubinsky Zherdev
Naslund Gomez Callahan
Korpikoski Drury Sjostrom
? (not Prucha) Betts Orr

PRu can play better but needs to be on the LW. Renney insists on playing him on the right.

Voros is garbage and should not even be on the roster. YEah he brings grit, once he shows up to where the puck is, almost worse of a skater than Dave Andreychuck was.

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