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01-30-2009, 11:33 AM
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Captain Koivu & Captain Kovalev...who's the the real leader?

Since Koivu has come back from his injury....we have been badly beaten.....Why?

Is there a leadership issue?....
Captain Koivu or Captain Kovalev?...who's the real leader?....
who ever is the leader they're not doing a very good job leading our young team...

I think we don't really have a clear cut captain who can put fire under our team and that is the real problem....

Maybe there is a power struggle between Koivu & Kovalev?....they both want to be captains and who is the real voice in the dressing room for the young guys?

I think we are missing a leading voice...

If we had a clear cut leader who all our players respected and followed we would not be playing with such lack of character and determination to win. We would be alot more consistant every game.

Gainey and Carb need to quickly evaluate our teams leadership and captaincy and make the necessary moves to address the issue.

What do you guys think?....Do we have a leadership issue?.....Do me have strong leadership?.....Do we have a number 1 leader that is respected and can lead this team during highs and lows?

Is there a team chemistry issue?....

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