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01-30-2009, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by kovalicious View Post
I have to admit...this is getting very worrisome.

It wouldn't be so bad if we lost 4 games in row...but put up good efforts and they were 1 goal differantials. Hell, 80% of the teams go through losing droughts like that.

But jeez, the habs are getting owned, in all aspects of the game. By teams that are not that great.

I've been pretty quite about trading...but I think maybe now is the time for shopping spree.
I have no problem parting with the following.

Hamrlik (sorry, I don't think he's too s*it hot)
J. Gorges

I would not mind a blockbuster trade....J. Bo would be nice. He completely dominated us. I would take him over a Vinny L any day. Think our powerplay..

J Bo and Markov + kovalev + Akost = goal everytime I think
Lots of holes in your list as some of those guys will be cheap for us for a few years and t return would be minimal.

Single biggest name that could be added to your list to make it valid would be Kovalev. Best possible return for a player that has as much to do with the current state of the team as anyone.

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