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01-30-2009, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by AgentNaslund View Post
What would you have done?
I'm not Diamond, but what should have happened was a coaching change.

Missing the playoffs last year was unacceptable, and IMO, that should have been AV's one-way ticket out of Vancity. But no, Gillis comes in and states that AV did what he could with the players he had. While that may had a slight ring of truth to it, anyone who's been watching this team since AV joined --and no, don't tell me about his Jack Adams winning year, blah blah blah; you can "thank" Luongo for that stellar run-- knows that the team has faltered at the most crucial of times.

I recall a game (second to last of the 07/08 season I believe) where we were down 1 goal with a minute to go in the 3rd, players are running amok, AV has ALL of his timeouts left and not one of them is used to try and calm the guys down. This is UNACCEPTABLE. Or how about the ridiculous line juggling? I won't get into that as it's been argued and recycled around these boards, time and time again.

I'm bitter. The coach has to go. Why? Because when a team looks good on paper but can't seem to get it together on the ice, the FIRST problem is almost always the coach.


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