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01-30-2009, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by NewHabsEra View Post
Its a long season, there is no reason to panic yet, we are still in pretty good posture..
We're not in that good a shape, and we haven't shown any signs of a strong team that rallies together this season.
Not panicking, doesn't mean we're bad, doesn't mean we didn't play good, just stating what I observed.

The thing is, we have youngsters, young veterans and veterans. It's normal for youngsters to be inconsistent, it's part of their learning experience.
But the problem comes in with our young veterans and veterans. We had a bunch of veterans over the past years (including our Star, Kovalev) that have been very inconsistent. This rubbed off on our youngsters at the time, that are now our young veterans.

I think this is the main problem with our team, too many players are inconsistent when they should be the ones leading this team.

We also have a coach that after a week off from the ASG break and 2 bad losses, will let his team relax at the beach after another bad loss. What does it translate too?..a 5-1 loss for their 4th consecutive.
He also seems to think the only solution to losses is line changes.

Line changes won't really help with the consistency of your team, which is our main problem.

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