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01-30-2009, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Diamonddog01 View Post
Hey - I'm not paid millions to manage this team. But I agree with Torque in that a coaching change was needed.

I was also adamant all summer long that we needed to get more help up front, and Demitra was not a good signing. Other teams were able to do so so I think saying there was no one available is a poor excuse. My idea was to package Edler or Bieksa and then sign Hainsey as a replacement (whom I'm sure would've taken similar money and chosen Vancouver over Atlanta), a PP QB/puck moving defenseman doesn't look so bad right now.
Who would you have signed (as a forward) instead of Demitra? You have to remember the price at what the good (and even not so good) players were going for on the market. High priced contracts for high years.

Look at everyone who went, man. People who are/were paid like Demitra bring the same offensive output as he does (points-wise). If you can prove me wrong, I'd be more than happy to say that I was incorrect. I never expected Demo to score 60+ points, I expected him to raise his teammates' game level- and he's done bits and shades of that since his arrival.

Ron Hainsey wasn't a bad idea, but when you look at the length of the contract he signed, there's no way we were going to re-up some of our key players this summer.

I have no excuses for Edler, but Bieksa was playing great right up until Luongo went down, and it's right then and there that the team started to falter- they lost their leader, and no matter who else you bring in, no one can replace the aura the captain boasts. He's back now, and he's taking a while to get in game-form, but I'm pretty sure once the attitude of the team changes, these sad stories will be in the back of our minds.

Maybe you just don't like Gillis, or maybe you just don't like anyone (), but Gillis accomplished in a matter of 6 (shoddy math) months to what Nonis did in 3 years.

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