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08-10-2004, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Mark Fischel
Florida team has no place to play. The WHA called the Miami Arena to find out about buying the place (its up for auction) but realized that they missed the public meeting to buy the rights to be part of the auction on August 10th. Orlando is in the grips of the local minor league owner who has a fued with the WHA and wont let the WHA come to the TD Waterhouse Center, and Jacksonville was owned by the guy who owns the Orlando team, but he sold it to Ron Duguay and the agreement was that Duguay couldnt move the Barracudas up to the WHA.

I was hired to work for the Miami team by one of the guys woring for the WHA now, and that guy busts his butt to make things happen, but he tends to make announcements that are very premature and based on hope, instead of reality. Which about sums up the whole WHA strategy. Great at marketing, poor on execution.

Miami could have happened, they just missed the boat by a few days for the rights to buy the arena.
Mark, the arena was purchased today by the guy not wanting to tear it down. And the local paper says a possibility includes minor league sports. Think there's any way it would work to have a WHA team in Miami Arena? The new owner envisions 105 events per yr and that would help do that.

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