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08-10-2004, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by BeaverSports
You expect a player who couldn't even secure regular duty with the woeful Carolina Hurricanes over the past two years to compete for top-six ice on the Dallas Stars? My how the mighty have fallen. I just don't see this in the cards. I think you'll see Modano playing with Lehtinen and Turgeon most of the time.
Considering our natural left wingers are; Brenden Morrow, Antti Miettinen, Steve Ott and Jaroslav Svoboda, I expect Jaroslav to be the most likest candidate to earn himself a top 6 role. As like I said, the others have the attributes to survive on a checking line and be effective. Svoboda's upside is either that of a scoring winger or a fringe NHL'er. I don't see what his past experiences on a totally different team has anything to do with his chances in his current situation. Besides, I'd like to think that the Canes left flanks were slightly better than ours currently are. Add in that the MAG line is pretty much a lock, that Turgeon will play center and that there's a very strong possibility we'll see an all Finnish line, and thus have Lehtinen playing his favorite 3rd line RW spot, what other options are there?

Originally Posted by BeaverSports
One thing the Stars have to realize before going with a youth movement is they need quality youth. I think Lessard and Ott can play, but I'm not convinced about the rest of the bunch at all.
Umm Antti Miettinen's potential should be higher than both's. What is it with Stars fans and writing off prospects if they haven't impressed you enough? There are these thing called being young, learning experiences, development, prime years, etc.. You'd think Niko Kapanen would've made them thinking differently. Don't forget that Jaroslav Svoboda was considered a Calder candidate only 2 years ago. He's what 23? I say give the kid a chance and hope he will blossom into a decent scoring left winger and so adressing one of our long term needs, if not, no harm done, I'll gladly take another risk like that for a 4th rounder. Then there's Daley, who is widely considered as the Stars top youngster. Keep in mind that all of our current younger players stepping in were drafted by Gainey in times when we either drafted dead last or never had a first rounder to begin with. Don't expect a potential superstar out of anyone just yet.. Considering from where we had to draft from, the talent coming up isn't even that bad, not especially when you add in two "low risk/potential high reward" - guys in Svoboda and Lessard.

You don't need to be convinced yet. In fact, it's natural, but how can you be convinced on Junior Lessard, one who has yet to make his NHL debute, while making it seem that two seemingly more proven talents in Antti Miettinen and Jaroslav Svoboda are leaning towards busts?

Originally Posted by BeaverSports
Why don't the Stars save their money? Tjarnqvist isn't going to be much of an NHL player, Siklenka's only good with the fists and the Stars already have Aaron Downey providing little else for them, and frankly, if they haven't given Dan Jancevski a chance by now, it ain't happening.
Since guys like Barnes, DiMaio and other lower line veterans won't be here forever. Again, what makes you think that Tjarnqvist isn't going to be much of an NHL'er? The only way you might think so is if you expect him to be our next Brenden Morrow. Tjarnqvist hasn't played much, mainly because of our depth. But he's more than NHL ready and would've been a regular on plenty of other, less deep teams, already. He's physical, works hard, is defensively comitted, and has shown signs of a potential 10/15 goals somewhere down the road. Jancevski, same story, you basicly labell him a bust due to being a victim of our depth. Agree about Skilenka, but that's about the only thing I'll agree with you..

I've always known Stars fans were spoiled, but you're pushing it if you consider anything that has an offensive potential lower than 40/50 points as weak and barely NHL calibre.

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