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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
If it's once a week and just like pick up games, then the cheapest works. My skates were 50 bucks, shoulder pads 30, elbow pads like 20. If you like to block shots, I'd suggest maybe spending a little more on shin pads.
I would'nt cheap out on the skates if I were you... skates and a good stick makes a huge difference, no matter what level you're gona be playing, in developing your skill. Think about it, they make the skate the way they want, then they take their final products, rip all expensive materials and technology out, and replace with the cheapest stuff and sell you different "models" for cheaper... and your skates really make a difference for your stride.
For the shoulderpads I always buy the cheapest cuz I want flimsyness for better mobility, basically so it feels like you dont have them on... although They protect you less but I dont really care. Also for gloves you can find some pretty cheap ones that are really comfortable so its not really worth getting warrior, easton, or top end vapor gloves for 200$ unless you want top-of-the-line equipment. Also I recommend you never buy used skates, my friends have gotten crazy broken holders, cracked soles, and broken blades within like 15 hours of icetime.... so I just dont trust them anymore.
Hope this helps

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