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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
Pick up a stitch removal tool. Walmart or any place with a crafts section should have a sewing repair kit for pretty cheap. The tool allows you to lift and cut stitching from the top side of the stitch very easily. Once you do get some stitching released resist the urge to PULL the name plate to get the stitches to just break. You will end up ripping the jersey material. Lifting and gently pulling the plate to loosen the stitches to get at them to cut the thread isnt a problem.
Well, unless he is a good seamstress, I recommend he takes it to your local dry cleaners. They would be able to remove the plate for him without making a hole in it if he was to do it. Been there, done that.

Once the plate is off, ask them if they can sew on a new name plate. Normally I would recommend taking it to the local jersey place or silk screener. There, they can silk screen a name on a plate for you to add to the jersey.

Or, again, if you are really good at sewing, then go for it.

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