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08-10-2004, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by adichiara03
Nobody seems to see this, but its a 4 year deal, rangers and him have an option, either way, one will take it.

"Well if your source is "Coat" from the hockeybird forums, you'll see he also goes on to say that he thinks it'll be "happenstance" if he signs, which I interpreted to mean that it still seems unlikely."

Ive read that but I think were getting that info from the same spot, someone from the CR gave me a link for it. But Im looking at his post now. I dont know what happenstance means. All someone told me is that he is willing to come over if the price is right. Its all I know.
"Coat" appears to have been the source for most of the boards over here, being based in the Czech republic and providing plenty of info to both hockeyrodent and hockeybird. His first language isn't Czech, which is probably why he used the word happenstance (an unusual words nowadays), but literally it means "chance circumstance", which along with the tone of his posts (and that of the translated Prucha quote...'it's in the hands of my agent now') indicated to me that it's more unlikely than likely that he comes across.

Of course you can never rule anything out until it's signed and sealed, but I would think it's still unlikely he'll be coming over...

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