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02-01-2009, 12:07 AM
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No the Habs didn't deserve the victory, LA deserved at least 1 point.....True. But I don't feel sorry for the Kings one bit. How many times did Montreal get screwed and deserve to win and got nothing to show for it? Anyway LA has Calder and Gauthier to thank for it.

Gauthier is a dirty S.O.B. He had the nerve to say he didn't know what it looked like and would have to watch the replay after the game. ppppfffftttttt *******!!! If anyone knows, its him!!! He left his feet and directed a blatant elbow to Gorges head!!!!

What pisses me off even more was that NOBODY!!!!!!!!! went after Gauthier!!!! Teams know that when facing Montreal, they can take liberties at running Price, Halak or anyone else for that matter and NOBODY will do a damn thing about it!!! I for one am fed up!!!

No Uwey, all is NOT well in Montreal now. The whole city is pissed off and not satisfied with the whole team. We realize that if they keep this up, they risk missing the playoffs. We also realize that if the playoffs started tomorrow, we would be lucky to get by the first round.

vs Boston? Lose
vs Washington? Lose
vs Devils? Lose
vs Flyers? Lose
vs Pens? Probably Lose
vs Rangers? 50/50 chance
vs Canes? Probably Lose
vs Panthers? Probably Lose
vs Sabres? 50/50 chance

Not looking so good right now. I've been saying all along THIS TEAM NEEDS MORE SIZE AND STRENGTH, TEAM TOUGHNESS, GRIT, AND PLAYERS THAT PLAY WITH JAM!!!

I hate Chris Neil too, but right now I think he would help Montreal in a 7 game series vs the Pooh or Flyers ALOT more than Thomas Plekanec! I've said it before, and will say it again, WE DO NOT NEED THOMAS PLEKANEC!!!!! He is small, and when a game is rough plays on the perimeters. He is scared ****less!! Listen, when a player comes out and says he plays like a little girl HIMSELF, what does that say? Only thing is, I really don't think his stock is worth too much anymore, neither that of Higgins. Don't think for one minute that other GM's around the league don't see what we see.

This team needs to get bigger and stronger for the playoffs. Neil, or Brendan Witt on D, or Sean O'Donnell, even that ***** Colby Armstrong who is not physically very big, but plays big would help this team. I don't know who is available out there, but to me it looks more and more like the JaBo, Kaberle, or Vinny's big names just isn't gonna happen. So rather than try to make the big splash, why don't we just add some character role type players and get tougher?

If Montreal wants to get serious and get a defense coach, his name is Larry Robinson. He is a little familiar with Montreal and how to play defense. I think Bob may know him.
Brisebois as coach is not even a bad joke IMO.

Bruins tomorrow? I think it's going to be ugly if you're a Montreal fan. The way the habs have been playing for the past couple weeks now has me worried. I see Boston going up 3-0 pretty quickly and Montreal giving up again....just like the time Boston beat them 6-1 and Florida 5-1.

Personally, I don't want Montreal to finish in 1st. It means absolutely nothing. They did last year and the 8th seed took them seven games in the first round and lost to the 7th seed in five games in the second round. Let Boston grind it out for 82 games and face a hot Buffalo or Florida team. And Boston hasn't had their slump yet either.

I don't care if Montreal finishes 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th. I just don't want 8th for obvious reasons. That of course as long as they could add some size and grit to the roster before April. If they don't, they'll be golfing after game 5.

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