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08-10-2004, 11:46 PM
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Originally Posted by MrMastodonFarm
At best Hannan is equal to Regehr.

Whoop de do for Bryan McCabe being 4th in voting. Playing in the center of the universe and getting pro-mccabe comments being shoved down your troat sure helps that. They guy can rake up the points, but so can Tom Poti. He won't be there again.

Again, I would rather have Robyn Regher on my team then Bryan McCabe. In two-three years when Regehr looked upon as well as Adam Foote was at his age and McCabe is still giving pucks away to the opposing team at an enourmous rate we can talk.
McCabe had two bad playoff games, and now he's a giveaway machine. He was very solid last year, much more than Regehr, but two playoff games and he's terrible. With Leetch paired up with him next year, I can easily see McCabe finishing top 10 in Norris voting next year. Regehr, OTOH, will probably never see a Norris nomination.

Hannan is also probably a little better than Regehr. I'd pretty much call it a wash, though.

And don't think I don't like Regehr. I'm a huge fan of him, and any other Saskatchewan boy. But he's just no as good as you claim he is (i.e. better than McCabe).

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