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02-01-2009, 06:46 AM
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Saku has always been a good point producer (around .80ppg or 65-70 points per season). Those stats would be enough for him to be considered as a bottom tier #1 centre in the league. Too bad for him, the french media never brought that up. Even worse, some stupid ***hole like JC Lajoie even said that he has always considered Koivu as a good #3 centre (un plombier deluxe). C'mon, I don't mind if he said #2 centre but saying that a .80ppg player is a #3 just showed how biased the french media is. I don't want to start any comparison since #4 is a much better player, but Koivu and Lecavalier have almost the same ppg ratio over their career and it bugs me everytime i hear them say the Lecave is a top 5 player in the league (i have crosby, malkin, ovy, lidstrom. Luongo, zetterberg, datsyuk, brodeur, chara, thornton, etc) before him. What also makes me laugh is when 110% and RDS have polls asking questions such as:

Should carbo insert koivu in the line-up when he's healthy?

Should Kovy keep the "C" when Koivu is back?

Who is the most dissapointing player this season? (koivu was one of the 5 choices)

Anyways, i just hope Gainey signs Koivu a long-term deal this summer with a NTC to shut them forever. Would be awesome to watch the french media whining on 110% about it.

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