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Originally Posted by 24godard View Post
also, i need some help with my backwards crossovers too. im good at my backwards skating, transitions etc but i just cant crossover backwards
Well, without going into a lot of detail, which I could. Here's a great drill to use to help with backwards cross overs.

Place two hand on the cross bar of the net and pull the net backwards. By doing this, you will have more stability by pulling the net and two, be aggressive. Shift the net from side to side as you do these crossover. Do two or three crossover one way and then two or three crossovers the other way, each time shifting the net for balance.

Once you can get that balance down, then try it without the net.

Oh, and as for the site, yeah I do have a lot of ads of the main page, but those ads, I don't make a dime. I only make a dime if someone buy. The site is more of an information site rather than a get rich scheme site. Trust me, I know.

My wife keeps telling me to give it up because it cost me more what it's worth. But, I tell her that this is how I vent. It allows me to help over 700 coaches world wide with their team and also at the same time provide content.

Is there free stuff out there? You bet. All one needs to do is know where to look. If fact, here's some free stuff.

Hope this helps
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