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08-11-2004, 02:22 AM
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Originally Posted by BeaverSports
Well, Miettinen was given every chance to earn a job last season and he couldn't, so I'm not convinced he'll get there this season, but Ott could play. It would make no sense to play Turgeon on a checking unit. He'll be on the top two lines, I'm sure of it.
Last year was Miettinen's first in NA. Cut the guy some slack. And he he wasn't getting every chance of succeeding. He played what? 15 games for us? And played the role of a 4th line winger, seeing minimum minutes. He never got another call-up despite being the best one available by a decent margain. Niko Kapanen too, wasn't really impressive when he first made the team, but the folowing year he was a Calder candidate for most of the season, not mention among our top players in the playoffs.

Turgeon played most of his games on a checking line, he rarely played on a scoring line since he sucks playing wing and because Tippet simply prefers an Arnott and Modano combo. He's has been centering our 3rd/4th line for the entire season, with players like Barnes, Corson, Young, DiMaio and Ott as his wingers. It took management 3 years to realise he sucked playing out of position, why would they go back and use him as a winger again after Turgeon proved he's a ppg player when playing in he middle?

Originally Posted by BeaverSports
After they played about one period together against Colorado, it is hard to see the MAG line as a lock - and with Dave Tippett, well, it's hard to see any line as a lock. Otherwise, there's no way Lehtinen's favourite position is third-line ice, nor is that effective. Plus, he makes Modano better, so he'll play with Modano when healthy.
They played exactly 39 games together, of which 37 in the regular season. It only got taken apart if injuries occured or if we reached a desperate situation. It was our best and most consistent line ever since being put together. Pretty much the only bright spot from that dismal season. I don't see why it won't be a lock to remain intact. Besides, if Dave Tippet, among all line juggling coaches keeps a line intact for more than 10 games, it's godda mean something.

Lehtinen played on our 3rd line in 2002/2003 and had a career year there, scoring 31 goals while capturing his 3rd Selke while nearly being tied with Modano for icetime among forwards. But you're right, he's hardy effective there.

Originally Posted by BeaverSports
Niko Kapanen never really impressed me that much either. He's decent, but he's best suited as a grinder and he doesn't have the size to have a lasting presence on a checking line in my opinion. I think last season's Kapanen was what we can expect.
So typical. A grinder? Niko is relatively soft and doesn't has the size to survive a checking role. Hence why he was so ineffective last year. He played a totally different role in 2002/2003, a role that suited him and he blossemed. Give me one legit reason why it's the 2003/2004 Niko Kapanen that we'll see from here rather than the one we saw in his rookie year?

Originally Posted by BeaverSports
Even Miettenen was never considered much better than a role player by many scouts, but it seems some Stars fans got an inflated opinion about him because there's no one else in the system. He's not going to be a regular top-six forward in this league.
Miettinen is considered to be a Jere Lehtinen type, though add a bit more offensive and substract a little bit of defensive qualities. How is a potential 50 point forward with an outstanding all-round game only a mere roleplayer? Miettinen, like Jere, isn't exactly an offensive wizard, so his numbers might not be top 6 worthy. But neither are Morrow's at the moment, and you'd be hard to press finding a person who doesn't think he's a top 6 forward. Miettinen, if developing as planned, will be a very valueble player for us, a player that's so much more valueble than his stats could ever reflect.

Originally Posted by BeaverSports
The kid's had one good playoff and that's it. It's hard to discredit his lack of performance in the past two seasons. Sure he's a decent risk for a fourth rounder, but is he a top-six forward? Maybe in the AHL.
The kid is also 23. Some players his age are still playing in the minors. He didn't work out as well as expected in Carolina, but that doesn't mean he will fail a productive career in Dallas. And no, he's not a top 6 forward just yet, neither is Lessard. But they have that upside and they could need the icetime and quality linemates on the way of realising that potential. It would sure help..

Originally Posted by BeaverSports
Tell me what the Stars have done with any of their early picks. Then look at Detroit, New Jersey, or Colorado for example. You don't hear them using the excuses because they pick players who can play. Dallas has poor scouting, particularly in North America.
Look no further than Hockey's future organisation rankings, where the Stars are 16th, just one behind the Wings at 15. While the Avs are 30th. If we have such a poor scouting management, than the 14 teams behind us must be plain putrid.

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