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08-11-2004, 09:34 AM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by True Blue
We all knew that there would be signings. They simply could not have gone into a season with wha they had. By signing Nylander and possibly Rosie, you have at least what can pass for a first line. If you look at the line possibilities that I have posted above, you will see that there is more than enough youth there. I do not think that the recent signing is the signal for a "vet" team.
I agree and have been saying it all along, we had to sign a 1st line vet C (or a player that could play 1st line C for US) for the good of the team, our 1st line, and the positioning of the kids. Now, I don't want to touch Rosie with a 10 foot pole nor Hlavac with a 30-footer, but we still need to sign (or trade for) and established LW. And MAYBE even a 3rd line grinder (1 year contract).

That would still give us 6-8 young forwards (out of Lundamrk, Moore, Betts, Helminen, Balej, Ortmeir, Wiseman, Murray, Giroux, Hollweg and maybe even Prucha) out of the top 12, more then enough for rebuilding and more then enough for what we have ready at one time

And, I also expect Sather to sign a veteran D-man, a decision I will have no problem becasue it will help stabilize the units and we will still have guys like Rachunek (even if I don't like him), Tyutin, Pock and Kondraitev in a Top 7 and getting alot of ice time.

For once, I'm trying to be optimistic about the Rangers and their future and not expressi my typical gloomy thoughts. I see no reason to change that strategy.....YET

Except if, as hinted at in another thread, Sather signed that dried-up used colostomy bag know as Jan Hlavac....Then this team will continue to be screwed no matter what..

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