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02-01-2009, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Koseegin View Post
Very disappointing to the expectations you placed on him, that's your fault. His disapointing season might allow him to lead our team in goals and points among forwards by the end of the year...which tells you something about his progression, so to blame Andrei and call him out is in my opinion not right.

What more can you ask for than a forward who's been juggled around all year because our coach can't keep stable lines to score 30 goals in his second nhl season?

Fans asking too much? I think so.
My expectations on him is to see him working every day. Not finish 1st in points. Even if he doesn't score or have assists, I expect him to work hard, so win battles along the boards, to screen the goalie, to give bodychecks 'cause he is able to do that. So expectations as far as work should be at the highest level for every player.

Again, as far as fans asking too much, I will not buy it. If you want to defend him, well go with wrong place at the wrong time 'cause we've been waiting for 15 years before having something we could call a team.....and now that it's looking good, it's not looking so good anymore.....Fans have been filling the building, buying their stuff, watching the games and doing everything you have to ask from fans....the return in investment is not there....yet. Unfortunately, 'cause of the history, fans are indeed asking for some results in return....something like the Wings are giving their fans for the past same number of years....Actually as far as the greatest franchise in history, I would have expected the Habs to be the Wings at one point....they don't win every year, they still have more wins than we do in the past 15 years and they are a contender ever year.....

Who's fault it is? A lot of people. Is it Gainey's fault? Probably not. Gainey was able to take a mediocre team to something pretty good. Now it's his job to put that team in the great category. And he might just be able to do it. But even if it's not his fault, we freakin need results. And I couldn't care less if he's able or not to close deals or not......but in the end we need results once and for all. Need to move to the other level.

So we've been behind our team all this time. And for whoever keeps calling the fans bandwagoners....well actually the same fans that are dissapointed in how some events are turning, please acknowledge that while we may criticize some of the moves, we're still here game after game wishing our luck will turn around. I would think that bandwagoners are just more than people criticizing their team.....and wishing they'd do better.....

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