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02-02-2009, 12:05 AM
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Ive been saying for a while that Kovy's attitude is a major prob for this team, he plays when he wants, the way he wants and you just cant have a structured hockey team when a big head like him doesnt play the system and doesnt even give a legitimate effort.. There is a reason why no one click with him.. Who cant play with Koivu outside Kovalev? Everyone playing with our little captain have some success.. Kovalev just drag the energy of his line (and of the whole team as well) down most of the time.. Plekanec lost any confidence this season, can it be entirely attribuable to Kovalev? Probably not, but one think I know, Pleks is playing way better hockey with new linemates on his sides.. What did A.Kost do when separated from Kovy a couple of weeks ago? Was flying out there, had his best moments of the season..

The moral of the story, Kovalev has only himself to blame, he has to earn his ice time like every ****ing players on this team, and it start by working hard every shift and being commited to pay the price just like the other 19 players on the ice.. If he isnt willing to do that, sorry but trade him for the most offering.. It lasted long enough, his little prima dona attitude can be replaced by 20 guys dedicated to work togheter as a team..

I was one of the rare who put the Perezhogin's depature on the back of Kovy.. Kovy was even worst 2 years ago that he is right now from, was often seeing with the kid after games.. His attitude probs have been pointed out (thx to the excellent job of Mattias Brunet) and Im convinced that Kovy had an influence (a bad one) of Perez's decision.. a good vet would have told him to be patient and that the money will come once established in the NHL.. Hypothetical, but that what I feel.. I would even say that Kovy vonlontary played bad 2 years ago to join the WC where the event was held in Russia.. He was talking of this WC with stars in the eyes, so I laughed a good shot when Russian national team did not even want him on their team.. Total humiliation.. Came back at the camp with ALOT to prove and you know the rest, he had a good season where there was much more regularity in his efforts...

I would try him for another game but if he plays like he played today and for the most part of the season, Im 100% in favour to bench him for a couple of games..

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