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Originally Posted by DaHabMan View Post
whats the point of pissing off assets so we can MAYBE get through the first round? This season is over, cross it out and just keep building for next year. Our injuries will have set the stage for our ahl guys to come in and get some nhl action for next year and they will be better for it....just like the bruins last year when you think about it.
because we have faith in the team and that it just needs a shot in the arm to get going? i mean we were winning quite a few games with higgins, koivu, price and tanguay out all at the same now 3 of 4 back we start to suck all of a sudden? this team can get it done, but it needs just a few modifications that shouldn't force us to sell the farm.

And what's the point in stocking up on all of these assets during a day of caps and shortened UFA eligibility? So for example we can get say Bouwmeester in the deal...but the deal maker comes in the form of us willing to deal McDonagh and we say no, because there's a chance that he'll be a good defenseman in 3-4 years? Screw that, We got Trevor Timmins...he'll find us another McDonagh. It's not like all of these prospects will play for us at the same time either, so i just don't see the point of stashing all of these assets when most of them won't make an impact for a few seasons. And besides once these assets ingrain themselves onto the team, the UFA ticker will begin...and we'll have to worry about their contracts as well.

And heck if we gave up what the Penguins did last year to get Hossa, we'd still have a plethora of good young assets. Unlike them, we can actually draft players that aren't dropped on our laps.

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