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Originally Posted by Lone Rogue View Post
...I really have to question some Hab fans for being so angry at Alex Kovalev. Are you angry by his lack of play or are you angry because he isn't meeting your standards in the 100th Year?
I can't speak for anyone else, but here's my take for what it's worth. I've never been a Kovalev fan, or players like him, like Jagr, Bure and others who think that they're bigger than the team they play on. When things go their way, they're unstoppable but when there's something bothering them, as little as it might be, they start pouting and holding their team hostage by their lack of effort and poor attitudes.

Kovalev, it's been said many times over the years, is one of the most talented players in the entire NHL and he has been for many years. The book has been out on him for that long as well though, he's moody and terribly inconsistent. Kovalev plays when Kovalev feels like playing. Kovalev does what Kovalev wants to do.

He's happy with his All-Star game MVP? Well Kovy, shove it up your ****ing ass as the ASG doesn't mean **** to the team paying your salary. The least you could do to repay the fans who voted you in ahead of Ovechkin is to give it your all, to play the way you did last year.

So to sum it up for you Lone Rogue, the reason why so many were hard on Kovalev two years ago is the same reason why people are hard on him this year. Kovalev proved us right last year because we all knew what he was capable of doing. That's what's expected from Kovalev. No one here is expecting him to win a scoring title. No one here is expecting him to be Ovechkin. But I sure don't think it's a push to expect him to put up a point per game on average or, at the very least, give the necessary effort game in, game out.

To borrow a quote from a once popular TV show: Kovy, you're the weakest link. Bye-bye!

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