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02-02-2009, 08:29 PM
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Finally someone who sees the Rangers objectively. It's hard to deal with a team that is average to mediocre, but that is what the Rangers are. But when you've been a Ranger fan as long as I have, going on 50 years, you learn one thing. My entire happiness as a fan cannot depend on winning. Of course I'm happier when they do but I take my happiness where I can find it and gnash my teeth quietly when they are inconsistent.

What makes me happy this year? Seeing Staal grow. Watching Callahan establish himself as a legitimate NHL player who could have a 15 career ala Todd Marchant. Watching Blair Betts, probably the best 4th line center in the NHL. Seeing brief glimpses of a real fine second line center in Dubi. Seeing glimpses of an excellent 3rd line defensive center in Korpokoski.

What frustrates me this year? Seeing Gomez again not being able to play with our top offensive winger (Jags last year, Zherdev this year). Not seeing expected growth from Zherdev and Dawes. Dare I say it: watching Henrik not having as good a year as he had last year. Watching Redden be the player every one (except the Ranger scouting staff) thought he would be. Our miserable powerplay. Our inability to handle an aggressive forecheck. Our inability to score. And knowing that realistically, we going to be a team that will finish 5 to 10th in the conference year after year.

Yeah, I think Renney is a fine coach. He has a team underachieving as individuals overachieving as a team.

And yeah...Colin Campbell was an excellent coach. I was never prouder to be a Ranger fan then in 97 when that banged up and beaten team made it to the conference finals and gave it their all against the Flyers.

So Carpinello....glad to have you back and keep telling it like it is,
Thanks for your post. We could shure use a harry howell about now

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