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08-11-2004, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner
he may be liar and a rip-off artist but you can't prove that he is. the guy may be telling the truth but honestly who cares. why not go write another article about the messier stick or perhaps about how the rangers are squeezing a 26 year old czec player that nobody has seen play.

do you guys have so called "sources" in other countries?

I think we have brought more than enough prove to show that the guy is a liar and a rip-off. What evidence have you shown that he is not besides the "who cares" attitude?

And whats funny is when Rodent broke the story with the Messier stick people were talking about it on this very board and somewhat rejoicing that Messier may be gone. But now you are bashing it? Let us know the next time you get a story that is anywhere near as good as the Messier stick thing, ok kid?

As far as sources in other countries, maybe. But the point is Rodent is close with Coat who is a journalist in the CR with sources. Coat relays the inside info to Rodent. Thats why he speaks often of stuff from the CR concerning the Rangers.

Another indication that the guy is a rip-off is all of his "inside info" is about Czech players that Rodent or Coat have already spoken of.

Let him post "inside info" about a Czech player before Coat or Rodent does and then he can help his cause. Otherwise it is all BS.

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