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02-02-2009, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I just believe you don't fill the toughness role with one guy, an enforcer, who has every trouble to play a regular shift, on a team coached by a guy who believes in rolling his 4 lines. An enforcer that was already hurt and already had chronic back problems already, a guy signed for 3 years. I know the "overall toughness" of the team has been brought up as far as having a team more build for playoffs, and it's not by acquiring Tanguay, that the Flames didn't need especially for that reason, that it filled a need.

People do have a short memory.....can they remember how we were pissed about how Tanguay was non-existant in most games prior to his injury?

Sure Gainey could not have predicted a lot of things that had happened and it's not entirely his fault. I just can't believe that it's always everybody's fault BUT him. He wanted to have 3 offensive lines that would scare the other teams? Fine. But that wasn't without any risks. You take a risk when if you have a top 9 build on players that need numbers to have a great contract at the end of the year, they would all want more icetime in order to do so. It could have been predicted that Kovalev would not have had the year he had last year....'cause that's what he has been doing for his entire career. Then, while people were expecting rookies to be better in their 2nd about the sophomore slump? Doesn't that exist for some players as well? Again, not saying it's ENTIRELY his fault....but he's part of the team and need to take the heat as well.
Those are some good points, but it wouldn't be easy to change the skeleton of our entire team and make it look tough and gritty. We already had too many pieces of fast and skilled squad and it worked the season before, so it is only logical than Gainey tried to improve on that instead of looking for something else that might not have been easy or even achievable with last summer's UFA pool and/or available trades.

But I completely agree with your point about one enforcer not making a team tough. It's like trying to wrap a brick of butter in sheet of aluminum foil. Sure might look like metal on the outside, but still very soft on the inside.

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