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02-03-2009, 12:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
eco's - I actually think that Gomez could be the most overrated setup guy in the game. He's good, but I don't see him making linemates better. If Gomez was that good of a setup man, Naslund would be back on track for a 35 goal season instead of being "on pace" for a down season. Perhaps Gomez should be trying to find his linemate a bit more than taking the low percentage shot that has been a trademark of his throughout his career (he's always taken a lot of shots throughout his career). Further, he's such a streaky offensive player. Three times he went three games without a point. You don't hear that a lot from your top line guy who's out there 21+ minutes per game. Perhaps Renney should take a page from the Devils' playbook and not play Gomez on the PK and only have him out there 18-19 minutes per game, focused on what he's supposed to be doing, which is providing offense while not being irresponsible on defense.

I agree on Drury.

But both of these guys are support guys. These aren't the guys you look too in order to lead you to offense.
Excellent, excellent post.

But let me add one thing about Gomez that people don't seem to realize. He's always taken a lot of shots, but he's taken it to another level since the lockout. He had his fluke 33-goal season in 05-06, when he had a career high in shots and since then he has been shooting more than ever. There is a misconception that this has to do with Renney or the lack of wingers for Gomez to play with. WRONG. He did this before he came to the Rangers. It's almost three years since that fluke year and he still hasn't realized that it was jsut that: a fluke.

99-00 - 204 shots, 9.3 shooting %
00-01 - 155 shots, 9.0 shooting %
01-02 - 156 shots, 6.4 shooting %
02-03 - 205 shots, 6.3 shooting %
03-04 - 189 shots, 7.4 shooting %
05-06 - 244 shots, 13.5 shooting %
06-07 - 248 shots, 5.2 shooting %
07-08 - 242 shots, 6.6 shooting %
SO FAR 08-09 - 158 shots, 6.3 shooting %
ON PACE 08-09 - 254 shots, 6.3 shooting %

So he keeps shooting. Lead the team in shots, ranks among the league leaders in shots on goal, yet among those same league leaders, only one player has a worse shooting % than Gomez (Dion Phaneuf).

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