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Originally Posted by AllIsFehrNLoveAndWar View Post
Uh, you dont have to drive somewhere to work out. Most people can afford weights, I have some, I'm sure Ovie has some. Also you can run around the neighborhood and what not for aerobics. There was numerous articles on Capitals blog sites about him doing off-ice workouts this offseason. I remember something on Frozen Blog (caps blog) that had just pics of him running through a park (or something) and listening to ipod.

But even if he did travel to wherever he worked out for me I'm awake 16 hours. So even if it takes 4.5 hours of traveling (there and back) and 1.5 hours to workout - there is 10 more hours in the day to do "celeb stuff." Though I find it really hard to believe that Ovechkin would put 2 hours of traveling between him and workouts, when you have money you can afford to move that stuff to somewhere closer to you or move closer to it.

You were wrong about Ovie, just drop it. There is a ton of reasons to explain the slump at the beginning of the year that work better then "he just slept, ate, and goofed off." Especially with the shape he came into camp. You don't do nothing for a summer and come in at the same weight.

There is the link to the OFB article I remembered, didn't remember it correctly (not running through a park) but he was working out.
clearly, he's not working out in those photos. he's at an outdoor rave. during the daytime. in workout gear. but look at how fat and...uhm... yeah, i got nothing.

if ovechkin can do whatever he did in the offseason and still do what he's doing current during the season, i have no problem with him. i'm sure he has truly learned his lesson.

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