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02-03-2009, 10:06 AM
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Trading from a position of stregnth

Hey guys and Gals

The last few years i have become more and more frustrated with trading and I think the habs have made one mistake. The last few years we have had good seasons and at points in each year have been great. Even when we are great we all know what the teams weaknesses are, so I am assuming so do the coaches and BG.
I have always felt that when they are playing well is the time to trade because they are not desperate. I think we should have traded when we were on our ;ast hot streak. I mean lets say we BG is interested in Vinny....... I think the price just went up with the loss of Lang by quite a bit because they know we are desperate. I am not one to trade just to trade but what are your guys thoughts about the timing of trades. Trading when winning rather than trading when cold...

My opinion is that it is the perfect time for the Boston Bruins to make a trade for example, they are playing great and people know they are not desperate?



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