Thread: Prospect Info: Evgeny Grachev Interview
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02-03-2009, 02:50 PM
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Not that I'm questioning your abilities by any means, as I think you are very knowledgeable and an intuitive thinker. That said, I'm just speaking from a general standpoint that you should make the best of this and ask some truly insightful questions and not a bunch of cliche crap that goes on during interviews. It pains me to watch an interview go on in which half of the questions you know exactly how it's going to be answered. This is potentially an amazing thing for you, Inferno. Make sure you make the best of such a wonderful opportunity!

1. What are his thoughts on potentially converting to the wing in the NHL?

2. What was his reaction to dropping to the 3rd round? Was he upset because of it? Did it motivate him?

3. Is the fear involved with a lack of a Russian Transfer Agreement overblown? Is there actually a significant number of players that seriously contemplate staying in Europe?

Lastly, just make sure he knows that the fans realize how well he is doing and think he is going to be a force for this team in a few years. It truly is unbelievable what he has done so far this year.

Just wondering, but how did you get this connection to get an interview with him? Do you have a connection with Brampton or the Rangers? Thanks for all of this, Inferno.

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