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02-03-2009, 06:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Rated R Superstar View Post
So he's not professional because he used to tell crappy jokes?

Let me tell you what I consider a professional color commentator:

1- You call the players by their last names.

2- You explain the play. (At least Pednault explained the play sometimes vaguely, Brunet tells what he sees)

3- You have to have fluidity in your words. Brunet makes 4-5 grammatical errors per game.

Do you seriously think that Brunet is better than Pednault?
Are you serious?? The only thing Pednault was saying (that was related to hockey) was describing the replays that anyone with 2 eyes was able to see by himself! Even if we had 3 differents angles from the same play, he'd still say the same thing each and every time... It was pathetic!

But, between Brunet and Pedler, I can't decide! They both totally suck!! Seriously, fire Pierre et Benoit and bring Joel Bouchard, Danny Dube or anyone else! They can't be worse!

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