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08-12-2004, 12:30 AM
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Originally Posted by JovOhlund
Did you even read what I posted? I'm saying that because of the system that they play, Calgary's defencemen look better than they actually are. 100% of all defencemen would be better defensively if they had forwards coming back to help and they didn't have to jump up in the rush as much. Props to Sutter for his system and the forwards because they make Calgary's defencemen look like allstars when in fact they are not.
Possibly, but a strong defense core is still the essense of a strong team defense. The forwards can only do so much, ultimately, its up to the defenseman to clear the net, win puck battles down low, clear rebounds and allow clear shooting lanes.

Not a reply to Hercules,

Ok, just to recap, Hercules,

Regehr is worse then Hannan… why? You didn’t by any chance catch Hannan’s masterful job on Iginla this playoffs, did you?
(My take: Regehr gets the edge over Hannan based on physical intimidation. Outside of physicality, this one is dead even. And how can you say that Regehr was selected based on potential, but then in the same paragraph say he wasn’t, or else Bouwmeester ect would be there? What the hell?)

Leopold is worse then MA Bergeron, Liles, Kalinen and not worth Keith Carney.
(My take: I don’t know too much about Kalinen, but he certainly is better then Bergeron and Liles and only a seemingly only trade Leopold straight up for Carney, a dime a dozen that every team has and is on par with Steve Staois and Rhett Warraner. I have Leopold somewhere between Sydor from his days in Dallas, and Zubov.)

Rhett Warraner is a minor league defenseman
(Fact: Warraner is top 4 in ice time, on a team top 3 in goals against)

Phaneuf’s upside is Ruslan Salei, and the people in the business who are paid to evaluate talent for a living, that being the talent scouts who have input in THN’s Future Watch, are clearly way off base, and we should take your opinion instead.
(My take: What the hell? BTW, yes, I actually did think that Ryan Getzlaf would turn out to be a Jason Weimer before he was drafted – in fact, me and FDW had a debate this one where I predicted he would fall past the 20th pick)

Anyways, past all this stupidity, I think the Flames defense ranks top 10. We currently have a regular No 1 defenseman (Regehr) who has the potential to be a top 15 defenseman in the league, a regular No 2 who has potential to be a top 10 defenseman in the league, a regular No 3 defenseman who has potential to be a very good No 2 in the league, a steady Rhett Warraner who dispite what you think is not a minor leaguer and easily on par with Keith Carney, a good No 5 defenseman in Denis Gauthier and a very good No 6 defenseman who can step up to play top 4 minutes if in need, and is ideal for the No 6 role, a No 7 with top 4 potential in Mike Commodore and a No 8 defenseman who does the No 7 job very well and has potential to be a top 6 defenseman - but I still don't like Montador and I personally think he sucks. For the prospects, the Flames blueline prospects dominted 2 of the 3 CHL leagues in Dion Phaneuf, said to be the best defensive prospect outside of the NHL, and Tim Ramhoult, said by many to be the best defenseman in the QMJHL last year.

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