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08-12-2004, 02:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Splatman Phanutier

Your Warraner comment is right here:
"Warrener is a stay-at-home guy who is barely in the league"
Barely in the league? Doesn't that mean fringe NHLer / minor leaguer?

Typo. I mentioned guys like Carney, Foote, Hannan, etc., and I meant that he's not really in theIR league. I left off the "ir" by mistake.

I feel Carney is alot better because he's a horse and is better positionally. He's also a better leader and can take over a game when he wants. He's also probably a better shut-down guy than most in the league. That's also what I feel he has over Staios.

I agree with the Leopold-potential thing. Just above Sydor sounds about right. Someday, I figure him to be a top-20 defender or so, so that's above Sydor and under Zubov.

As for the whole Phaneuf-Salei thing, mainly that comparison is in style of play, and not potential. Phaneuf definetely is highly ranked by most, and Salei wasn't that much, but they do play the same style. I mainly said if Phaneuf struggled early, and didn't live up to hype, he may take the Salei route and just try to be a menacing defenseman. But, to say he's already at Salei's level is absurd. Salei is a good #3-4 guy who alot of players hate playing. Phaneuf, like you said, has yet to play an NHL game. Salei's not skilled offensively, but he's a player any team would want. Phaneuf has potential to be a very good defenseman, and probably will be a good defenseman, but we've yet to see how well he'll do. Like I said, he can be a Chris Pronger or Scott Stevens, or, he could be a Ruslan Salei.

The one thing Hannan probably has on Regehr is positioning, which is very important, and he can probably control and take over a game better too. It's close in my books, but I feel Hannan edges him out.

On the team Canada thing, I didn't hear Gretz' comments. I figured it was for experience, as many teams do that sort of thing. Regehr is very good at the moment, but I definetely think Wade Redden is better, and alot of people would agree with me on that one.

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